Beginner’s Guide to Selling Your Stuff in Community Sales

If garage sales aren’t your cup of tea, don’t worry. As the second hand community continues to advance and consumers become increasingly frugal, you can turn to community sales to get rid of your unwanted items and make a few extra dollars. Read on to learn more.

In-person Local Communities

While you may think that most people advertise solely on social media, there are plenty of traditional ways to sell your unwanted items without having to turn to hosting a garage sale or social media. You’ll want to touch base with your local communities. For example, your church, hobby club or local neighborhood club may have community sales that you don’t know about. Reach out to the leaders of these communities to check and see if they hold an annual sale where you can enter your items for sale. Even if they don’t have a sale, there are good odds that someone within these communities will have a good suggestion for a local consignment store or resale shop that you can take your items to in hopes of selling them for a profit. It never hurts to ask and it’s always a good idea to trust word-of-mouth recommendations from people you know!


If you’re not keen on connecting in-person with local communities, you can use community-based social media platforms like Facebook. Facebook is a ginormous social media site that allows you to connect with and be active in groups that are formed to advertise used or unwanted goods for sale. Many cities and counties have groups that you can become a part of to buy and sell your items. Some of these pages will be controlled by a group of administrators, so be prepared to have to wait a day or even a few to gain access to the group. While this may seem inconvenient, it’s actually for your own protection as the administrators will vet each potential group member in most cases.

Facebook also features a “Marketplace” function that allows you to easily post and sell your items. Through Facebook, you can see a potential buyer’s face and can easily communicate a public place to arrange a meet up to exchange money for the goods you’re selling. To use the Marketplace option, simply take a few pictures of the goods you’re trying to sell, write a quick description, list your price and put the item up for sale. Make sure to specify if you’re willing to drop off the item somewhere, or if it’s pick-up only. Regardless of how well-detailed your listing is, be prepared for questions about your post. Sometimes potential buyers will only look at the picture. While this may seem frustrating, take a deep breath and respond kindly so you don’t scare off a buyer!


As you can see, there are plenty of ways that you can try to sell your unwanted items in exchange for cold hard cash. With today’s technology, you can easily sell your items through your phone with minimal effort and planning required. With a little research and good pictures, you’ll be well on your way to using community sales platforms to sell your unwanted items. Good luck!