Essential Tips on Advertising Garage Sales on Facebook

In the age of technology and social media, one of the best ways to reach people over a major social networking site like Facebook. Using this site is, in most cases, way safer and more effective than using other sites like Craigslist and eBay. Additionally, using this site is free, which will help you boost your sales. Here are some simple ways that you can advertise your yard sale on Facebook.

Posting on Your Page About Your Sale

One easy and free way to let your Facebook friends and family know that you’re going to be hosting a garage sale is to post about it on your page. Make sure to include the details about your sale, like the days, date, time and length of the sale. You’ll also want to include pictures of hot-ticket items that you’ll plan on selling at your sale to entice people to attend. Ask your friends to share your post with their friends to double your potential sales pool. Pro tip: Make sure you set the privacy settings of the post to public so that it can be shared.

Posting to Your Local Garage Sales Page

The vast majority of large cities have a Facebook page dedicated to advertising garage sales around the area. You can promote your personal sale on this page. You might want to plan ahead, as some of these pages are private, and only accepted individuals will be allowed to post and advertise your local sales. Typically, these groups have an administrative staff that review potential members or posts. You can expect an approval to take as few as a day or as long as weeks to come. That’s why you should plan ahead if you’re wanting to post about your upcoming sale on a local garage sales page.

If you’re planning on posting, you should include the same types of information that you would post on your personal page to promote the sale. This information includes the date of your sale, days, times and length of the sale. You should also include sneak peeks of the items that will be included at the sale and pricing information to entice prospective buyers.

Using Facebook Ads

Most people already know how to use Facebook to upload wacky pet videos, post pics of their lunch or send a flirty message to an ex.

Posting items for sale on a local group is just as easy. Just post directly on your group’s page and upload a pic. Most for-sale groups just have a super-simple ‘for sale’ form, including item, price, category and a photo.

Handily, when you post an ad, any Facebook pals who are also group members get email alerts. Users can also tag friends who might be interested. Don’t worry about spamming all your friends with ads for scrapped espresso makers and hamster cages though. If it’s a closed group, only members can see ads.


When you’re posting on a public site like Facebook, it’s important to keep safety a top-of-mind concern. Never give out personal information like your social security number or credit card information to potential buyers. With common sense, you’ll be well on your way to having a safe yard sale.