How to Make Money Shopping at Garage Sales

Yes, you read that headline right. There’s a way that you can actually make money by purchasing items at a yard sale. How? It’s easy. You can resell the items that you find at a garage sale and flip them for a profit. There are some people out there who are professional yard sale flippers, and they make a good chunk of change. However, it’s a risky business that takes a good amount of time to get good at. If you’re interested in dipping your toes into the pool that is yard sale flipping, you’re in luck. Find out how to get started yard sale flipping by reading on.

How to Get Started Flipping Garage Sale Items

The good news is that you don’t have to get a degree to be a garage sale flipper. Anyone can go to a garage sale, so in short, anyone can be a garage sale flipper. However, being a garage sale flipper and being a great garage sale flipper are two entirely different things.

To be a great garage sale flipper, you’ll need to know what items are trending within the resale community. You’ll also need to know the going price for those trending items. Doing this research will open your eyes to finding out what a good deal or reasonable price to pay at a garage sale may be, and you’ll also know how much profit you stand to make. Having this background knowledge will give you the tools you need to weed through the worthless items at a garage sale while you search for the diamonds in the rough.

After you’ve done research about what to look for when you’re at the sales, it’s time to head out to go shopping. Many people who host garage sales will post to local social media groups about their upcoming sale. Sometimes, they’ll post hot ticket items that they plan to sell. Checking out what’s available in your area will help you pinpoint which sales to go to. Remember to get there as early as possible to give yourself the best chance at snagging the items you need before anyone else can.

Reselling Your Items

When it comes to reselling your items for a profit, you’re in luck. Today’s technologies have made it so easy to resell items that you find at garage sales. From eBay to Facebook Marketplace, there are so many different platforms on which you can resell your items.

Make sure to clean off any item that you plan on reselling. People won’t want to buy an item from you if it doesn’t look like it’s in good condition. That’s why it’s so important to make sure it’s in as good of condition as possible.

If selling online isn’t your cup of tea, you can try selling items to consignment stores. Items that do well at stores include clothing and furniture. If you purchase electronics, sometimes video game stores or online electronic sites will buy back the items for a decent price.


No matter if you’ve never been to a garage sale before or if you frequent garage sales, you can definitely stand a chance to make a profit by being a yard sale flipper. Best of luck!