How to Make Your Garage Sale Unique

Let’s face it—you’re not going to be the only garage sale on the weekend you intend to hold your sale. There are going to be countless other garage sales in your area (especially if you hold a summer sale), which raises the competition factor. In order to have a successful sale, you’ll need to up your game and find ways to make your garage sale stand out from the rest. And, no matter what you do at your sale to make it unique, you’ll need to heavily invest in advertising to let the world know that your sale is the one to check out.

Getting Started

The first step to make your garage sale stand out from every other garage sale is to actually make your sale unique. Will you offer bulk discount pricing? Will you offer free refreshments? Will you offer a raffle for a grand prize? If you really want to draw in a crowd, you’ll have to come up with ways such as the ones just outlined to make your sale stand out. Chances are, if you present buyers with the option of going to a sale or going to a sale that they’d have a chance to win a grand prize, they’re probably going to head to the one where they can win something. Once you’ve come up with how your sale is going to be different, it’s time to market yourself.

Advertising Galore

Even if you have the most unique garage sale in the world, if you don’t properly advertise it, no one will know about it. And, when it comes to advertising, you’ll want to make sure your message is heard by as many people as possible. That means you’ll want to explore every possible advertising avenue.

  • Sign boards: You see them every weekend in the summer, but they’re highly effective. Yard sale sign boards that are posted near the vicinity of your sale will help direct traffic to your sale. To make them stand out, consider purchasing brightly colored paper and incorporating clever and sales-focused sayings like “You won’t believe what we’re selling!” on your sign boards. Make sure to include general directions to your home (e.g., “5 minutes west!”).
  • Social media and online sites: Take to your social media page and local sales pages to advertise your sale. Be sure to highlight how your sale is unique. If you’re giving away free refreshments at your sale or holding a raffle for a prize, definitely include that information on your post. You should also include pictures and detailed descriptions of the items that will be at your sale. This will immediately tell buyers why they should head to your sale and what they can expect to find.
  • Print advertising: Believe it or not, there are still plenty of people who read print advertising like the newspaper. List as much detail as you can in the print space to entice buyers to head to your sale and see what you’re selling.


By putting some effort into differentiating your sale and packing the advertising punch behind your sale, you’ll be well on your way to hosting a unique and successful yard sale. Best of luck!