How to stop hoarding and declutter your home!

Are you hoarding something in your home?

Every item you hoard in your home collects dust and can lead to COPD and other respiratory issues.

Hoarding also takes an emotional toll on your family and friends. They wonder why you can’t just throw or give away things that seem irrational for you to keep holding on to.

Hoarding has a stigma around it and it’s often difficult for people to admit or recognize the problem. It causes a lot of embarrassment and shame.

Hoarding is classified as a mental illness. It’s a compulsive mental disorder associated with a pattern of behavior that makes it difficult for someone to let go of their possessions.

It can get the best of even the most seemingly normal people. It doesn’t happen overnight and it’s something the hoarder himself has no control over.

If you’ve been struggling to let go of your possession even when your home is cluttered and becoming unlivable, then you’re in luck!

In this article, I’ll show you a simple and effective method of decluttering your home and feeling less overwhelmed by all that stuff.

Why Do We Hoard

People hoard for many reasons. One is sentimental attachment. You might hold on to an object because it represents your identity. If you view yourself as an elite athlete, you might hold on to old trophies you won in high school to the point where half of your living room is littered with them.

Another reason is sentimental attachment associated with certain possessions that have memories behind them – say your wedding gown or suit. You fear you’ll lose the memory or experience if you let the object go.

Help For Hoarders

Here is a helpful technique for conquering your hoarding tendencies:

Map out three categories.

  • Keeping this item
  • Throwing or giving away this item
  • Not so sure

And then, just follow through.

Every item in your keep pile should have a permanent place or home. Get rid of your discard pile immediately.

Here’s what you do with the unsure category – ask yourself the following questions for every item:

  • What’s the worst thing that could happen if I get rid?
  • How often have I used this?
  • Can I get something like this if I wanted to?

The trick here is to do this at least once a month. Set aside 20-30 minutes and go through this routine.

You’ll get a better handle on the difference between what you need, what you want and what you have to get rid of with a system like this in place.

You get to live a healthier life, reduce stress and live in a cleaner home.