Purchasing Vintage Items at a Yard Sale

If you’re someone who loves finding good vintage items, you’ll be in heaven when you visit local garage sales. What’s one man’s trash is another’s treasure, and you’d be surprised at what people are looking to get rid of. Here are the things you can commonly find at garage sales across town.

Vintage Tools

Current design trends are embracing rustic and industrial elements. If anything fits that bill, it’s vintage tools. Next time you hit up a yard sale, keep an eye out for the box of discarded tools in the corner. Many other shoppers will overlook rusty or dirty tools, which will work in your advantage.

With a little bit of elbow grease, you can easily clean up the tools that you find to resell or reuse at your home. Or, you can resell these charmingly rustic items online for a pretty penny. Another option for you is to use these vintage tools as decoration throughout your house. Pretty much anything found in a basement or garage tends to be overlooked by most people. And that’s where you’re likely to find tools, and because many people don’t maintain their tools very well, they are often dirty and/or rusty.

Vintage Frames

You can use vintage frames for just about anything. From using them as actual picture frames to using them as mirrors, the options are endless. Vintage frames are another item that’s typically overlooked at garage sales, you can typically get a good deal. You can find beautiful ornate frames, gold-gilt frames or even mahogany frames at your local yard sales.

If you plan on reselling items that you buy from yard sales, frames are one of the easiest items to refurbish. All you’ll need to do is clean up the frame, patch any holes and throw on a fresh coat of paint for a brand-new vibe. If you want to preserve the vintage vibes, be sure to still clean any frames before you sell them.

Vintage Jewelry

One thing that will always be popular to purchase from yard sales is vintage jewelry. There’s something uniquely classic about adding a piece of stunning vintage jewelry to an outfit. Often, you can’t enhance an outfit with modern jewelry like you can with a piece from the past.

There are plenty of people who discard old jewelry for next to nothing price-wise, so you can usually get a good deal on the pieces you like. Consider purchasing a few different pieces and asking for a bulk discount to get a good deal.

If you plan on reselling any vintage jewelry that you find, please make sure that you clean it before trying to resell it. You’re sure to get better offers if your jewelry is clean.


Your community’s yard sales are a vintage treasure trove waiting to be discovered. With a keen eye for detail and some patience, you’re sure to uncover the vintage items your heart desires. Make sure to look for obvious signs of wear and tear before making a purchase and remember to be respectful when you go shopping.