The 5 People You’ll Meet at a Garage Sale

If you’re thinking about hosting a garage sale, you need to prepare yourself for the many different types of people you’ll meet. Obviously, there’s no true way to tell who’s going to walk up your driveway to shop your goods until the garage sale officially starts, but you should be prepared to deal with any of the following types of people that frequent garage sales.

The Extreme Early Bird

It’s a pretty common saying that the “early bird gets the worm.” Following that mindset, there are diehard garage sale fanatics who believe that the only way to get the best items is to be the first one to look around your sale. That means that they’ll be there while you’re still setting up and they’ll want to look around right away.

The Moms

You’ll hear this group of shoppers before you see them. Often arriving in a large car with one or two children, this well-dressed group of ladies will pull up together ready to shop for all things related to their kids. While these shoppers are often a fun bunch and extremely polite, be sure to watch out for their unattended children who will want to touch everything that’s in their site. If you’re polite to these ladies, they’re sure to come back next year or spread the word about your sale to their other friends.

The Garage Sale Buyer Aficionado

This type of person knows garage sales like they’re a true professional. As such, they come into your sale with a strict mindset on how your items should be priced and how your sale should run. This person will question your pricing and most certainly try to lecture you on how to run your sale. Try to not let this person get in your head or make you lose your cool.

The Negotiator

It’s human nature for shoppers to want to strike a deal, and that sometimes will come at your expense. Even if you’ve fairly priced your items, you need to be prepared for the negotiating-type people to walk through your door. They’ll be dedicated to getting the best deal possible, even if it offends you. Keep your cool and don’t give in. Only negotiate if their offer is fair. At the end of the day, it’s better to have them leave empty-handed than to sell your items for too low of a price.

The Shopper

Every sale has at least one guest who has zero intentions of making a real purchase. Instead, they want to just walk around looking at your items and telling you how overpriced they are. If you try to ask them what price she’s comfortable with, they’ll likely just give you an exasperated sigh and leave empty-handed. Don’t take it personally. 


By being prepared for the potential buyers that will be in attendance at your next yard sale, you can ensure a smooth experience. Remember that you’re in control, because it’s your sale, and don’t make any deals that you’re not comfortable with.