Top Garage Sale Trends in the U.S.

When it comes to thinking about what to sell at your upcoming garage sale, you’re probably focused on getting rid of all the clutter that’s in your home or purely trying to make as much money as possible. What you might not realize is that every year there are certain items that buyers are on the lookout for. If you have any of the following trending items in your home, you should definitely plan on adding them to your collection of items to sell at your garage sale.

#1: Vinyl Records

This trending item shouldn’t come as a surprise given the recent spike in popularity records have seen. Millennials, baby boomers and Gen Xers alike will be excited to come across working vinyl records, especially if you have a great collection to choose from. Make sure to check out what your records might sell for online to compare pricing so that you can price your records, which are sure to be a hot commodity, fairly.

#2: Costume Jewelry

This trending item has always been a popular item at garage sales. Whether it is grandparents shopping your garage sale for toys for their grandkids, a performer looking for cost-conscious accessories or a fashionista on the hunt for stylish picks, you’re sure to see some serious cash flow if you put out costume jewelry at your garage sale. Pro tip: Price these items a bit higher than usual to allow ample room for negotiations.

#3: Americana Décor

People all over the country are on the hunt for “Americana” décor. If you happen to have any in your home and you’re willing to part with it, you’re sure to make a pretty penny by adding it to your items for sale at your garage sale. The nostalgia and style of these items are sure to be a hit with the buyers who come to your garage sale.

#4: Aged/Worn Furniture

Thanks to the popularity of home décor and renovation shows like Fixer Upper, rustic chic style has overtaken the country. Homeowners everywhere are on the hunt for shabby chic accessories and furniture to add to their home. That means that you can add that slightly beat up end table in your living room to your collection of items for sale and buyers will scoop it up. Focus on anything that’s wooden, as that’s a huge design trend right now.

#5: Antique Décor

Similar to the popularity of aged/worn furniture, antique décor is going to be a huge hit at any garage sale this year. People will travel from near and far to shop antique stores, looking for vintage and eclectic finds to add character to their home. If you have any unique antiques, make sure to add them to your collection of items for sale. Note: If you have anything like china or crystal, it might be more beneficial to take these items to get appraised before you sell them for cheap at your garage sale. Don’t make the mistake of selling grandma’s heirloom china for $10 when it’s probably worth $150!


As long as your items are in good condition, you’re friendly and your garage sale is well organized, you’re sure to have some success. If you happen to have any items that fall into the above categories, you can boost your odds of having a super successful garage sale. Good luck!