Weekdays or the Weekend? When You Should Hold Your Garage Sale

Think about all the garage sales that you’ve been to. How many were on the weekend? How many were on weekdays? The answer is probably that the vast majority of yard sales that you’ve gone to have been held on the weekends. It is very traditional for garage sales to be held on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Despite it being more traditional, is it more beneficial to hold your sale on one of these three days or to hold it during the week? Read on to find out.

The Perks of a Weekend Garage Sale

They say don’t fix what isn’t broken, and with garage sales, that’s been the mindset for decades. Garage sales are typically held on the weekend because it’s been proven that these days work for making the most amount of money. The vast majority of people who shop garage sales have full- or part-time jobs that prohibit them from shopping sales that occur during the week, meaning that they’re only able to come to sales that occur on the weekend days.

Another perk to having a weekend garage sale is that you’re more likely to get families who come to shop. And, as you’ve probably experienced going to the store with your own family, you tend to buy things you wouldn’t have otherwise purchased on your own. When parents come with their kids, this is especially true. Because garage sales imply that buyers are getting a bargain, parents are more apt to say yes to their kids when they come up to them with a toy or trinket they want to take home.

Finally, due to the sheer number of days that you can hold a garage sale, the statistics are in your favor that you’re bound to make more money by holding a three-day’s-long sale versus a day-long sale. This number doubles when you factor in the increased odds of more foot traffic coming to your sale over the weekend days.

The Perks of Weekday Garage Sales

Although holding a weekend garage sale definitely has its benefits, it also has its drawbacks. Perhaps the biggest downside to holding a weekend garage sale is the fact that you’ll have to compete with all of the other local garage sales for customers. Think about it, if 10 households in your neighborhood are holding a Friday-Sunday garage sale, that’s 10 different houses that buyers can choose to go to and spend their hard-earned money. If the buyers find what they’re looking for or spend all of their money before they make it to your house, they may not stop by at all. If you hold your sale on a Tuesday or Wednesday, you won’t have to deal with as much competition—if any at all—which may help you sell more.


While it’s ultimately up to you to decide what may be better for you and your garage sale, if you’re new to the game or want a sure-fire bet, it might be worth it to start with a weekend garage sale. Best of luck!